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Regulatory and disciplinary law

I have appeared before Police and other service Disciplinary Tribunals and professional Disciplinary Tribunals always for the defendant and with many notable successes.

Health and Safety:

R v C Z – Represented a multi-million pound organisation and successfully argued for a low-level financial penalty having analysed in microscopic detail the way in which the breaches of the relevant regulations had come about. The fines were 1/5th of those anticipated.   

R v S – An allegation of corporate manslaughter resulting in no prosecution.

R v BS – Alleged breaches of gas-installation regulations whereby lives were endangered. HSE investigation. Client acquitted and awarded costs.   

Planning enforcement:

R v L – Successfully argued highly technical issues regarding planning enforcement proceedings taken by a local authority in a criminal prosecution alleging breaches of enforcement notices. Clients obtained a full indemnity of the costs incurred.

R v P – A planning enforcement case involving technical submissions regarding the local authority’s procedures. Case resulted in an acquittal after three days of legal submissions. The client was awarded all of his costs.

R v H & Y – Alleged breaches of planning regulations over a 15 year period. Argued technical failures in the conduct of the prosecution case leading to acquittals and a full indemnity of costs.

Public Inquiry Re: AH – Successfully represented valuable commercial interests on an appeal before a planning inquiry resulting in the re-routing of an ancient public right of way.