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What is Direct Access to a barrister?

What it says, you contact me directly. See my interview on the advantages of Direct Access below

Why should I use Direct Access?

For three essential reasons:

  1. If you have ever used a solicitor before, you will have had to deal with partners, trainees and secretaries along the way. Because of the way I work, you will only deal with me – in relation to everything – directly.
  2. It is a faster service because you come direct.
  3. It is proven to be a much cheaper service. The advantages of it have been recognised by the courts:

GE Capital Bank v Rushton & Jennings the costs of the side employing a solicitor and a barrister were ten times more than the other side who went to a barrister direct;

In the Andre Agassi case the tennis star instructed a Tax barrister and the Senior Costs Judge said that Mr. Agassi’s costs were about a third of what they would have been had a solicitor also been involved.

Why should I use Stephen Harvey QC?

I am one of the UK’s most experienced senior QC’s.  

What is a QC?

A QC (Queen’s Counsel) or a ‘silk’ (so called because they wear silk gowns) is the most senior rank of lawyer in the UK. The badge of QC was granted to denote ‘one of Her Majesty’s Counsel learned in the law’.

Only 10% of barristers become QC’s and then only after a rigorous selection process.

What is ‘litigation’?

“‘Litigation” is what, with very few exceptions, only solicitors are legally able to do for you. It is the conduct of the legal, technical and administrative side of the case. Very few barristers have this qualification.

I need help fast. Can I get it this way?

Yes. You will be directly in touch with me and I will deal with your concerns immediately.

Isn’t it expensive?

No. It is much cheaper than using a solicitor as barristers don’t have the same overheads.

My case needs investigations. Can you deal with this?

Yes. I have trained and experienced investigators on hand who can fulfil all the needs any investigation may require.

Are you approachable?

Yes. See the Client Testimonials’. I appreciate the traumas that any legal process brings and will help you through these difficult times with sensitivity and understanding.

Who can you help?

Whether you are an individual with a particular legal problem, a business or some other form of organisation I can help you.

What sort of cases have you been involved in?

Click on the Areas of Practice link for details and for case examples.