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Corporate governance

There is an essential need for corporations to have in place a strong and well-executed corporate governance plan.  The plan must then be periodically evaluated for its effectiveness.  

The demands of the law upon organisations to adhere to accepted ethical standards and best practices as well as to the formal law had never been greater.  A notable recent example is the Bribery Act 2010, which imposes a heavy burden on all businesses especially in relation to the putting in place the necessary “adequate procedures” in order to prevent a bribe being passed.

The worst examples of breaches of a corporate code have resulted in criminal activity by employees.  Reputational and possibly institutional damage is obvious.

I have the resources of a team of highly experienced investigative specialists who can fulfil many of the roles that a solicitor would do, at a fraction of the cost.

The singular advantage of coming to me in the beginning is that I can advise and negotiate on your behalf during the investigation and will represent you if the matter comes to trial. That means that I have full control and can provide a focus on the way in which the case is put together.

I can also advise on the choice and instruction of any experts who may be required. Based upon many years of experience, I know who the leaders in their fields are.  

The net result is that the process of delivery of advice and representation is quicker and a highly experienced specialist is at the helm from the start.      

The following services are now directly available:-

  • An audit of existing corporate governance practices;
  • Identification of gaps between current and best practice guidelines;
  • Drafting corporate governance plans;
  • Assessing an organisations risk management, including internal controls;
  • Drafting corporate codes of conduct;
  • The provision of training at all levels on corporate governance and other relevant topics;
  • Assisting in the composition and structure of board (and other) committees;
  • Ensuring that your organisation can achieve legal and regulatory compliance.